Uiza's List method is cursor-based paginated. The cursors, next_page_token and prev_page_token, are strings generated by Uiza to indicate where the set of results returned to you locates in the total list. They help you to navigate through the entire set of results and extract the slice you need.

You can replace page_token in your request with next_page_token to retrieve the objects fall after the list of results you received from the previous response. Similarly, prev_page_token returns you the objects fall before this cursor. An empty next_page_token will be returned if there is no object after this cursor, and an empty prev_page_token means there is no object before it. Leaving page_token blank in your request will return you the first portion of the entire list.


page_size number

The maximum number of objects to be returned per call, between 1 and 20. The default page_size is 10.

page_token string

The pagination cursor of the result page to be retrieved. Use the next_page_token returned in the previous response to retrieve the objects fall after the list of results you received. Use the prev_page_token to retrieve the objects fall before.

Sample Response
 "data": [
   "id": "22013d8a-d5fa-48f0-9a63-1f471ca9e81d",
   "name": "Demo application 1",
   "description": "AFF CUP",
   "ingest": {
     "url": "rtmp://",
     "key": "live_TB62vHgxSY"
   "playback": {
     "hls": ""
   "region": "in-bangalore-1",
   "status": "ready",
   "broadcast": "offline",
   "created_at": "2019-12-11T02:47:04Z",
   "updated_at": "2019-12-16T02:53:30Z"
 "next_page_token": "eyJjcmVhdGVkX2F0IjoxNTc2MDA4NjkxMDAwLCJpZCI6IjAwNzVmZjcyLWE0ODYtNDg0Ni05Y2NjLWY1ZWU4YTA0MmQ0NSJ9"

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