Uiza creates event objects containing data of the events occurred in your Uiza account that your applications might be interested in, for instance, a live_entity is created, a ingest.key is reset or a video_entity is deleted, etc.

While some API requests do not cause any event to be created such as Retrieve a live entity, other APIs may generate more than one event. For example, when you create a live entity, a live_entity.created, a live_entity.resource.accepted and a live_entity.ready events will be created consecutively.

Fundamentally, an event is created whenever there is a change in the state of an API resource. Therefore, there are events created without the trigger of any API request. A live_entity.publish created when Uiza receives your live feed signal is triggered by your broadcasting software, not as the result of an API request.

The event object


id string

The unique identifier for the event.

object string

The type of the object which is identified by the id. In this case, the value to the object is "event".

api_version string

The version of the API that were used to trigger the event. Uiza uses this to ensure the backwards-compatibility of our APIs.

created_at string

The timestamp, at which the event is created, follows the ISO 8601 standard.

data object

The object containing data of the states at the time of change of impacted resources.

type string

The string represents the type of the event. You could find the list of the event types here.

request_id string

The unique identifier for the API request triggered the event.

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