Uiza helps you broadcast your live stream to your audiences with literally a few lines of codes, or at least we are trying hard to get there💪💪💪. But before experiencing the magic, let's make sure that you understand the terms correctly.

  • live_entity: Live entities are basically live events, with or without a live feed. A live entity contains the information required for Uiza to allocate resources to power the live event, and direct your live feed toward these resources for ingestion and broadcasting.

  • live_session: The duration of one session is counted from the moment Uiza receives the first signal until the last of that live feed. Therefore, one entity could contain multiple sessions. The durations of these sessions are calculated as Live Minutes in your billing.

  • Streamer: Streamers record the live events and are the source of the live signals that Uiza receives.

  • Viewer: Viewers are the users who watch the live stream on their devices. They are the destination of the delivery of the live stream.

Now that we are on the same page, let's navigate to the Quickstart to start live streaming.


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