Webhook Endpoints

Webhook provides a mechanism for Uiza to notifies you about the events that happen in your Uiza account. When something interesting happens (a live_entity is created, a ingest.key is reset, a video_entity is deleted, etc.) Uiza creates an event object which contains the details of what just occurred. This event will then be sent to the webhook endpoint, a pre-configured URL where Uiza makes HTTP POST requests to.

A single event could be be sent to multiple webhook endpoints. You could generate endpoint URLs for your tests here.

The webhook endpoint object


id string

The unique identifier for the object.

url string

The URL of the webhook_endpoint.

status string

Indicates the current status of the webhook_endpoint, which is either disabled or enabled.

secret string

Setting a webhook secret helps you verify if the requests sent to your webhook endpoint is from Uiza. We highly recommend following JSON Web Token format.

created_at string

The timestamp, at which the webhook_endpointis created, follows the ISO 8601 standard.

updated_at string

The timestamp, at which the most recent update to the webhook_endpoint occurred, follows the ISO 8601 standard.

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