[Deprecated] Update Webhook Endpoint

Updates the URL or secret of a webhook endpoint. You could also use this API to enable or disable your webhook endpoints. Any parameters not provided will be left unchanged.

This API is deprecated, please reference to update a live webhook endpoint API instead.


PUT /v1/webhook_endpoints/:id

Path Parameters

Request Body

 "id": "f0f207af-b338-4b7f-8d32-fe9cfa9566eb",
 "url": "https://webhook-test.com/live/updated-route",
 "status": "enabled",
 "secret": "updated-secret",
 "created_at": "2019-12-16T11:31:13Z",
 "updated_at": "2019-12-16T11:31:13Z"
Sample Request
curl -X PUT https://api.uiza.sh/v1/webhook_endpoints/f0f207af-b338-4b7f-8d32-fe9cfa9566eb 
     -H 'Authorization: uap-c1ffbff4db954ddcb050c6af0b43ba56-41193b64' 
     -d '{"url": "https://webhook-test.com/live/updated-route", "secret": "updated-secret"}'

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