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Video Presets

A video_preset is a group of profiles. The adaptive streaming output, generated by profiles, improves playback experience. Based on your subscription package, one preset can contain up to 6 profiles.
A preset should only include profiles with the same segment duration and orientation. If preset includes profiles with different segment durations (2s and 10s), the lower segment duration will be used for every profile. Different orientation will lead to different display aspect ratio when switching the profile, causing bad playback experience.

The Video Preset Object


id string
The unique identifier for the video preset.
name string
The name of the video preset.
description string
Describes the content of the video preset. Useful to describe the profiles in the preset and talk about use cases.
is_default string
Defines if this preset is the default preset for encoding live entities and video entities.
profiles object
List of profiles in video preset. Number of profiles is defined by user's Tier (Developer - 1, Team - 3, Business - 6).
created_at string
The timestamp at which the video_preset is created. This value follows the ISO 8601 standard.
updated_at string
The timestamp at which the most recent update to the video_preset occurred. This value follows the ISO 8601 standard.