API Changelog

API changelog describes to you what we change on the newest API dated version we've made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.


What’s new

  • Support enable/disable of live relay destination and added the identity attributes to the relay object: id, status, created_at , and updated_at.

  • Faster and more reliable Webhook service.

  • Separate Delivery overusage to different regions with distinct costs. Read more here.

  • Adjust the overuse invoice template to include items for delivery regions, unit prices, and exceeded values.

  • Support for enabling/disabling CCU display on Uiza’s WebSDK. Read more here.


  • Time interval to retry Webhook changed from multiple times per minute to an hourly basis for a duration of 24 hours.

  • Update subscription plans according to the new pricing model (Pricing).


  • Fixed issue with user suspension in case of failed payment when changing the current subscription


What's new

  • User suspension - User’s who missed payment after the invoice period will be suspended.

  • New status when creating live entity: resource_allocation_fail - when the entity takes too long to look for resources. User’s will receive a message and will be prompted to create a new entity.

  • SDK player updates

    • Live button to return to live moment

    • Analytics and CCU displayed on Uiza’s players

  • Support for MPEG-DASH playback .


  • Fixed bug when deleting a live entity assigned to a preset.

  • Fixed minor bug with wrong message response when creating a webhook endpoint but missing url parameter.

  • Fixed bug returning inconsistent playback.url of live entity in Live API and Event API.

  • Fixed confusing error message when creating a live entity with missing parameters.

  • Fixed confusing error message when creating a webhook endpoint with missing parameters.

  • Fixed bug allowing Team & Business tier users to profiles to Uiza presets.

  • Fixed bug with randomly returned error type when client calls APIs.

  • Fixed issue with retry request live resource.


What's new



  • Inconsistent entity status on events when update entity status to ready

  • Fixed bug when calling list events API returns internal-error


What's new

  • Expose new API to reset Ingest Key of a Live Entity.

  • Expose new API to get Invoice Detail.

  • Support clearing Live Entity's relay setting by updating relay parameter as empty

  • Support exporting Invoice to PDF.

  • Support deleting source files of video entity.


  • Replace field type by input_type in video_entity event object.


  • Fixed bug incorrect error response when updating invalid video preset/profile.

  • Fixed bug where user can login without verifying email address.

  • Fixed bug displaying empty live_entity_id in the live_session event object.


What's new

  • Added new event video_entities.created in Event Types.

  • Added video_entity_id attribute to Live Session to link the live records with its video entity.

  • Support DVR option in Live Entity. Included two new APIs to enable and disable DVR.

  • Support login with Google.

  • Support multiple destination broadcast and added relay attribute to Live Entity .

  • Added encode attribute to Live Entity .

  • Introduced Video Profile & Video Preset to support live with encode option.

  • Added new attribute preset in Live Entity .

  • Support filtering Live Sessions by DVR attribute and added new attribute preset in Live Session details

  • Support filter live video by live_entity_id.

  • Increase resource allocation speed up to 500 live entities per 5 seconds.

  • Support categorize Ulas by encode feature.


  • Live Session attribute entity_id changed to live_entity_id to differentiate with video_entity_id.

  • Following Google API Design guideline, all DELETE APIs should return empty body.

  • Remove Reset ingest key API in version 2020-01-10. We no longer support resetting ingest key, because conflicts with the end of signal occurs when an user resets the ingest key while streaming. We are working on this problem.

  • Remove emit event log form. All event logs related to entity should be executed in Live Entity server.

  • Update submodule by removing googleapis. This update shortens the times of build time from 10 minutes to about 2 minutes.

  • Support allocating request based on available vCPUs and Memory

  • Enhance the performance of allocating by moving DNS logic part to be a DNS Service.


  • Webhook endpoints can now send to Slack without error and return the valid error message.

  • Delete DNS when deleting a live entity.

  • Fixed bug where user ID is undefined when creating a live entity.

  • Fixed inconsistency of API response between live entity API and webhook endpoints API.

  • Fixed bug where updating the video entity returns bad request.

  • Fixed inconsistency in boolean value in events API.

  • Fixing crashing issue due to not handling case of Axios - fail on getting a response from Prometheus.

  • Handle multi node down trigger fail over.

  • Fixed bug where retrieving live entities causes long time to allocate resource.

  • Cannot get Ulas disk metrics during scaling action.

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